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Cancer Patients

Connellsville, PA


The Nicholson Cancer Fund (NCF) was founded in February 2007 by David "Scott" Nicholson with the dream of giving back to the community he lived in. Scott himself was a cancer patient and owned a sawmill. He knew how fortunate he was to be able to afford his treatments and make ends meet. He witnessed firsthand the financial struggles that many families faced during treatment. He wanted to help.

Scott wanted to see his dream to come to life, and so the planning began. Being an avid Motorcycle rider, Scott wanted to create something new and exciting to help raise money and bring the community together for a good cause. With the support of his friend Neil Brown, the 1st Annual Nicholson Cancer Fund Bike Run was created.

Unfortunately, Scott passed away in April of 2007 and did not get to see his dream come to life. In August 2007, the First Annual NCF Bike Run traveled through Southwestern Pennsylvania with over 200 roaring engines. To this day loyal and dedicated classmates stepped up and became committee members to orchestrate the years to follow. Overwhelming support from family, friends, and volunteers has allowed NCF to reunite annually to raise funds for those in need.                

How It Works

How it works

  1. You will need to complete a Referral Form.

  2. Have your Doctor, Nurse, or Social Worker sign "Referred By". This is to verify you are a cancer patient.

  3. Then make copies of bills you are having difficulties with. (You can send as many bills as you like, but remember there is no guarantee that they will all be paid.)

  4. Each bill should include an account number, address for payment, and the current amount due.

  5. Return your completed form and attachments to one of the following:

  6. For more info see our FAQ's.

Nicholson Cancer Fund Forms:
First time letter
Referral Form
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