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Nicholson Cancer Fund Inc. (NCF) was founded February 21, 2007, and is dedicated to raise funds through an annual motorcycle ride for the purpose of providing funds to qualified individuals. 100% of the proceeds are used to contribute towards those stricken with the disease. NCF strives to help lives and diminish suffering that results from cancer.


The NCF fund raiser is a tribute and memory to Scott Nicholson. Scott himself was a cancer patient and owned a sawmill. He knew how fortunate he was to be able to afford his treatments and make ends meet. He witnessed firsthand the financial struggles that many families faced during treatment. He wanted to help


Scott and his friend Neil Brown, how also owned a saw mill, wanted to help and bought the first grand prize motorcycle to start the charity. Scott passed away April of 2007. The 1st fund raiser was in August of 2007. Even though Scott was not here to see his dream come to life, the money secured from this initial contribution along with donations made in his Memory, NCF has been able to secure enough in its account to ensure future fundraisers.

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