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  • Is this for all types of cancer patient?
    Yes, any type of cancer.
  • Who qualifies for an award?
    Any "local" patient that has "cancer". Local meaning - Sourthwestern portion of Pennsylvania. (Primairly but not limited to: Fayette County, Westmorland County, Greene County, and Somerset County of Pennsylvania.)
  • How do I start the process for an award?
    You will need to complete a Referral Form, have your Doctor, Nurse, or Social Worker sign "Referred By". This is to verify you are a cancer patient. Then make copies of bills you are having difficulties with. You can send as many bills as you like, but remember there is no guarantee that they will all be paid. Each bill should include an account number, address for payment, and the current amount due.
  • Where do I find a Referral Form?
    Click here to download a referral form. You can also call 724-455-2252 (Office) or 412-582-5310 (work cell) and have one mailed directly to your home. Lastly, NCF works with many of the Social Worker or Counselor at most of the cancer facilities in this area, you may also check with them.
  • What kind of financial support dose NCF award to the cancer patients?
    NCF helps with daily living expenses, utilities such as: electric bill, water bill, phone bill, cable bill. Also things like: rent, car payment, house payment, home heating fuel, and insurance. If a patient can get a quote, NCF has helped with: auto repairs, furnace repairs, tires, lodging, etc. In most cases, if a patient cannot get help with co-pays from the hospital social worker, NCF will help with these as well. In some rare cases NCF will give gift cards for gas and or groceries.
  • If I have been awarded, how will I know what NCF helped me with?"
    Typically after an award has been granted by the Members of the Board, you will receive a letter in the mail. Copies of the bills that have been awarded/paid will be included with that letter.
  • How long is the turn-around time for an award?
    Normally 7 to 14 days after a completed Referral Form has been received by NCF Volunteers.
  • How often can a cancer patient receive awards?
    There is no specific limit, however, the Members of the Board have the right to determine if and when an award will be made. Most patients only need help once or twice a year.
  • Is there a maximum amount for any given award?
    Depending on the funds available, Members of the Board will engage in a protocol dollar amount so the funds can be distributed equally, fairly, and hopefully have enough funds to help everyone. This number is not public knowledge.
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